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Our Services

Riskcop Advisory LLC provides top-quality risk management consulting for all kinds of business. Whether you are a start-up or a middle-market company, we put experts on the front line of security for you. You can always rely on our team to optimize your performance and mitigate the risks you may deal with to keep your operations up and running.  

Vulnerability Management

The practice of scanning production environment and proactively finding and fixing potential weaknesses in an organization’s network security that could fuel an attack. 

Fraud Investigator

When it comes to protecting your business, it essential to invest in fraud prevention and detection. Regardless of the size or type of fraud, systems and control processes must be implemented to protect against or minimize the risk of fraudulent activity.

Data Protection

Data Loss Prevention (DLP), also referred to as Data Leakage Protection, is the strategy, software, tools, and processes that are developed to ensure that sensitive information is not lost, misused, shared, or circulated outside of a secure corporate network without proper detection and disclosure.

Risk Management

Putting controls into place to prevent, detect, and correct each potential key risk is integral key to an organization’s long-term success and maintaining an appropriate risk culture.

Cyber Security Assessment

Identifies the risk of exposure for digital assets by assessing potentially vulnerable network devices and services. This requires an evaluation of the strength or weakness of all the software, IT processes, and channels that valuable company information flows through.

Your Cybersecurity Starts Here.

What Our Clients Say

Carrie D. B, CPA, Controller, Mid-Market

 True to their Commitment and Expansive Knowledge
The Riskcop Advisory team is very true to their commitment. My office has really enjoyed working with Riskcop first with a doing a risk assessment of our key IT controls, significant applications and our data standards. The company not only assisted our CIO and CISO on the areas of highest risk in technology, but some overlap areas within compliance and operational risk. This led to expanded work in the governance, cyber security and sourcing space for external vendors. Thank you Riskcop for the great knowledge base. 
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